Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

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Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

Post  Zephyra on Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:24 am

Legacy of the Weathervane
Chapter one: Arrival

“Bye dad!” Talene waved to her father as he drove off. She was very excited. It was her first day at Elpizo University! She had never been in this part of Innerpeace before, having lived most of her life in the outskirts of the city. It was very close to the Outlands, and living there was dangerous. They never stayed in one spot too long. That was partly because of the danger, but then, her father’s job required him to move around a lot. He was a merchant, carting goods to and from Innerpeace to the few settlements outside. Her father sent her to a boarding school when she was the right age, to “keep her safe and develop her intellect, so she could be whatever she wanted to be” he had said.

Talene looked around eagerly. Everything was so tall here! So many buildings…and the architecture was phenomenal, especially the University. The University was one of the buildings with the swirling shell architecture. It was a large crystalline building. Lots of coloured glass, to make it truly look likes a crystal shell. And even in the daylight, it seemed to glow from within. There was a small automatic entrance at its base, where Talene entered.

“Hello, how may I help you?” asked a receptionist.

“I-I’m a student.” Talene said, stuttering a little. The building was even more awe inspiring inside!

“Name please?” the receptionist turned to a computer as she said this.

“Talene Utau.” Talene answered promptly.

“Oh, you’re a first-year med student. Alright. Here’s your key, the residence is down the street, left on the first light.” the receptionist gives Talene the keycard.

“Thank you.” Talene replied. She took the key, and walked outside, luggage and bag in tow, with absolutely no idea where to go. “Down the street, left at first light…” she muttered to herself. She walked to where she thought the receptionist said, and turned on the traffic light…and found herself completely lost. It was late afternoon, and still bright, so she thought that since she was already lost, she might as well go explore and try to learn what some of the roads were. That was a bad idea, as it turned out. As she wandered, she only managed to get more and more lost, until she was certain that she was far away from where she was supposed to be. She had entered a sector full of tall concrete, steel and glass buildings, which all looked the same. It was a glass jungle full of identical trees.

Worse yet, the sun had started to set. The buildings, all very tall, already blocked a good deal of the light. With the light dimming, it was getting harder and harder to see. Talene was also becoming tired. It had been hours since she started, and she had to sit down. Barely five minutes later, she heard many feet, and also, the telltale sound of metal clinking…some people screamed, shots rang out. Her blood ran cold.

Mavericks. There was a Maverick invasion.
Of all the rotten luck… she cursed to herself. I’m lost, I’m hungry, I’m tired and I just got here. Right when I’m least ready, Mavericks pour in. Great. How am I going to explain this to dad? Supposing I don’t die? At least he gave me a gun… Talene flipped open the holster, pulling her gun out. And then she realized that it was an old that wouldn’t be of much help, even as the Mavericks were closing in on her. She started firing for dear life.

Meanwhile, someone who looked a school professor was just coming out of a transerver near that area. He was just about to walk away when he heard a yell and some shots fired. He went on high alert, and ran towards the sounds, pulling out a strange staff. A girl- a student! Fighting hard to stay alive. She had shot down quite a few already, but her gun, he could see, wasn’t the best. He charged in, striking down the Mavericks in his way. Talene, upon seeing an apparent ally, redoubled her efforts, and soon, the adult and teenager managed to escape.

“Th-thanks…” Talene panted when they finally stopped running.

“No problem,” the man said, smiling in a carefree way. Then he grew more serious. “Are you lost?”

“Y-yeah, actually…” Talene answered, mystified at how he could have known, and also this odd feeling of being able to trust him, though he is a complete stranger to her.

As if reading her mind, he replied to her mental question. “No one comes to this section by their own will, unless they are a shady type. Now, unless I am badly mistaken, are you a student?” he asked, half-joking.

“Yes, I am. Would you happen to know where the residences are?” she said.

“Yep. If you’ll follow me?” he said, walking off slowly, inviting her to follow. She followed him, fully trusting that he knew where he was going.

Well, he has to know better than I do, she figured.

Sure enough, soon they reached the residence area. He left her at the gates.

“It wouldn’t be proper to be following you in, after all,” he said good-naturedly as he left, towards the university.

Talene swiped her card in the reader, entering the building and finding her room. The other residents were already moved in and doing their own things. They said hi to her, but she was too tired to manage more than a half-hearted wave to the other girls.

“Your room is at the end of the hall.” One of the girls informed Talene. As the last to come, she didn’t really get a choice. Talene nodded tiredly and hauled her stuff up the stairs. She got to the clean, bare room and started unpacking. However, after unpacking half of her stuff, she became too tired and crashed on the bed, asleep before her head hit the pillow. Her last thought was, Man, what an eventful day it was…and school shopping…starts…tomorrow…


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Re: Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

Post  Dawn~berlitz on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:07 am

Wow. Talene had it hard. Nice work on your story.


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Re: Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

Post  Zephyra on Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:35 pm

Chapter 2: The Bookstore

Talene woke up refreshed early the next morning. Before doing anything else, she took a quick shower. Nobody else was up yet, so she had the washroom pretty much to herself. All the same, she got out fast, knowing that soon, her roommates would be knocking. She was wearing a yellow vest over a white tank top with black pants, the only things she had. She doesn’t have a lot of money, and figures that she will have to get a job at some time. But her first problem withstanding…how is she supposed to find her way around town?

“*yawn* Oh, morning.” One of the other girls yawned from her room. Talene, startled, spun around.

“O-oh. Good morning.” Talene answered, slightly embarrassed.

“You’re energetic…” said the girl sleepily. “Oh yeah, there’s mail for you on the kitchen table…I’m going to shower. See you down in a few minutes…?”

“Talene,” supplied Talene, introducing herself.

“Nice t’meetcha. I’m Reyura,” replied Reyura, finishing the introduction. She went to the washroom while Talene went downstairs. By habit, she opened the fridge, looking for anything she could use for breakfast. There wasn’t a whole lot for her to work with. However, there were some eggs, which she took out, and a pack of bacon, which she also took out, plus some E-crystals in a shaker, which she also took out. She was wondering why they were in the fridge though. She’d always been under the impression that E-crystals didn’t need refrigerating. At the moment, she didn’t feel like speculating, so she just found a frying pan and started frying eggs and bacon for everyone. Four people…she only eats one egg, so…seven eggs, and half a pack of bacon. Soon the house is filled with the scent of frying food. Talene also found some bread and threw that in the toaster. She started the coffee while everything was going.

The smell of breakfast filled the house, waking up the other girls. They were glad that someone in the residence knew how to cook. After a few minutes, Talene flipped eggs, bacon and toast onto four plates. She brought them two at a time to the dining table, and also the E-Crystal shaker. Finally, she noticed the mail with her name on it. Curious, she peeled the envelope open, and inside, found a map-holo. There was a note attached to it. Thought you might need this. She spent a few moments bemused at who could have sent this to her, but figures she wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and besides, she’s probably the only one who didn’t have one anyways. She puts the map-holo on- it was mounted on wristwatch-like strap- and turned it on.

She didn’t get much of a chance to look at it though. By that time, the other three girls had come down. A couple had sat down, muttering a quick thank-you to Talene before shaking in E-crystals and eating. The other one had gone to get her coffee. Talene suddenly remembered how hungry she was and she tucked in as well. While they ate, they started to talk.

“So what’s the plan, Sera?” one of the Reploid girls asked around a mouthful of egg. Evidently, they already knew each other.

“I think today is a good day to go shopping for our text programs.” Sera answered. “School starts in a couple of weeks, so it’s best if we beat the rush and get the material early.”

“Sounds good,” commented Reyura. “So, leave after breakfast?”

“Yep. And let’s go as a group. I know Mayu here still doesn’t know the town very well, and I expect…er...” Sera trailed off, since she didn’t know Talene’s name yet.

“Talene. And no, I don’t know this town very well.” Talene flushed as she said that, clearly embarrassed.

“Eh, you can’t be worse than me.” Reyura leans back, relaxed. “It took me three hours to find this place.”

“I might be. It took me six hours, plus I ended up on the bad side of Innerpeace and had to get this guy to help me. Not only that, I was attacked by Mavericks and aforementioned random guy had to save me.” Talene blurted.

“Wow. You ARE worse.” Reyura conceded.

“Who was the guy?” asked Mayu.

“I really haven’t got a clue. I didn’t get a good look at him. All I know is that he uses a double-headed spear staff and has long brown hair.” Talene said, unable to remember more.

They finished eating breakfast after that fairly quickly, and left the residence, the four of them taking a bus to the University Bookshop. Talene, after asking them, found out that Mayu was a teacher-to-be, Reyura was an aspiring engineer, and Sera, like Talene, was trying to become a doctor. However, as Sera put it, “I’m more interested in Human medicine.” Talene’s dream was to become a medic for both Reploids and humans. Therefore, she had a lot more stuff to pick up than Sera did, since Reploid biology is different from humans to a certain degree. Since they all had different material to get, they split up in the store.

“Are you sure you can find your way back home if we leave early today, Talene?” Reyura asked in concern.

“Yeah, I think I will. I got a map holo.” Replied Talene confidently.

“Okay then, see you at home if you’re not at the bus stop by 4.” Reyura turned and started her shopping.

Talene easily found all of her book programs within 3 hours, and by the time she was done, she’d decided to go browse the shelves some more… and bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry-!” Talene isn’t sure how, but she recognizes that person. “Y-you’re the one from yesterday who helped me out…”

“Oh, hello! Ah, I remember you! How are you?” responded the man in a friendly tone. Talene gets a good look at him. First thing she realizes is that he is remarkably young-looking. Second thing she realizes is that he must be a Reploid.

“I’m well now, thanks to you.” Talene shuffles awkwardly, not sure how to act.

“That’s good to hear. You come from far away?” he asked.

“Not really, just at the edge of Innerpeace, just outside Outlands.” Talene said.

“Ah, I see. That’s actually far. This must be your first time in the city.” He nodded understandingly.

Talene was rendered speechless. He’s very perceptive…it was scary. Awkward silence loomed…and then an alarm rang.

“Oh, sorry. It seems that I have an appointment.” The man said. “See you around!” and he left. Talene stood there being very confused for a minute, then she checks her own watch. It’s only about 1 o’clockish…she might as well go get lunch.


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Re: Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

Post  Dawn~berlitz on Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:00 am

Wow awkward things happened doesn't it Talene.


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Post  srsrox on Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:10 pm

All right! This story is bein posted here Very Happy

Good story so far Zephy!! I like the start! I feel like I'm watchin a fantastic anime so far Cool

Your MegaMan and Nintendo Series uploader Smile

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Re: Legacy of the Weathervane (ZX, using own characters, but going in universe)

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