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Post  Dawn~berlitz on Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:44 am

The second mother

When we met,
I never knew you
I just start out
Before the sunset

Months has passed
I dated your son
But to be honest
We felt we are one

We talk alot
On the a particular day
You told me
that I am welcome to stay

You were the other
person I talk to
Before I had one
now I had two

You were like
the other mother
which I was glad
and I never felt bad

who is gentle and kind
who would not love you
I still do that I count
you as a mother too

Now you are gone
I am sad
That I lost a mother
Which I was glad

I was glad
that you were
a mother to me
but you were gone
I am sad to see.

In the loving Memory of my Ex-boyfriend's mother who is a mother and a friend to me.



What cause it?
What make me cry?
Is it pain?
Or did I try?

Water comes in my eyes
Burning like the sun
Red around the white
Or is it the blueberry pies
Went on my face or I run

Allergies can cause it?
Or is it Chlorine?
I cannot tell
But glad it is not fluorine.

What is this water
That comes from my eyes
It feels cold
No matter what I try.

Happy or sad
If fell like waters
No matter if you’re
Upset or mad.


Two worlds

In the darkness
Where one preyed
The other one
Can't do nothing
Because its tormented
And a slave

A world with chains
No one to talk to
No to care
Inside the darkness
Where light is not where

When the light shines
It is only for a while
Then back to the darkness
Where there is chains
And nothing to break or file

Sadness and Loneliness
Takes its toll
Looking down the floor
That is cold
Feeling nothing warm
For a slave that is sold

When one think it is free
It looks once again
When reality hits
The world become worse
Life means meaningless
To those who is curse

The master beatened the slave
Uses it for its sexual toy
Abort any slaves child
To have that as his joy

Another one he slave gets
Keeps a close eye on it
Cage the new one before
Beaten it like the rest

Why cant stand up
For your freedom
For the world
No you are in pain
Slaves can't go
Anywhere without
Masters say.



Where is the light?
I can't find it?
I can't tell right now.
If it's day or night.

Where is everybody?
Why is it so dark?
No one is around?
I can hear a sound.

Where is this place?
I do not know.
Where am I?
I can't see my face.

Why is it so dark?
I am scared.
No one to talk to.
Not even a dogs bark.

Where am I?
I only sit here.
I do not know.
This place exist.
I clutch my fist.

I am in solitude.
I do not know why.
Where ever this place.
I am going to cry.


Two Forces

Can you tell me
What I hide
Darkness and gloomy
To forces that co-inside

Does that means
What I hear is true
The sun is yellow
The sky is blue

What does this all means
When two forces are together
Chaos or Order will come
Or anything that I might seen

What would help to see
The world today
Hope and life
Or a lover that stay

Why is it happen
When two forces are together
Will love appear
To change the weather



I hate the world
I do not know why
Something about it
Makes me cry

Trapped alone in a room
Seeing the pouring rain
My friends do not know
How much I am in pain

I felt hidious
And also fat
Through a mirror
I am one sad cat

I felt alone
Ready to cry
Nobody cares
If I die

I envy love
For it is around
I did not had it
Not even a sound

In the room
The rain had stopped
In the window
The sun had popped

The rays felt warm
I look outside
I see you standing
Near the door with your pride

You reach out for me
And I took your hand
You pulled me outside
Now I start to understand

The pain that I felt
I tried to hide
You sought it out
Away from my inside

You show me love that
Thing that makes me cry
I never know how much
You came to me and try

We walk outside
I never think
What was out here
Even if I blink

You hold me tight
So I won't fall
You say "I love you"
Even if I crawl

You see me beautiful
I never see myself that way
I am thankful for having you
Even til this very heartful day


My Life

Look into this world and see
From trees to people
Are nothing but illusions
Including me

Barriers are up
No one comes in
To hurt me
Through thick and thin

Illusions are everywhere
No one I see is real
Even my heart
That I end up having a seal

You came into my life
Break down my barriers
With all your might
I watch you in this strife

Lost and confused
I had no one done that
Everyone escapes me
Or came to me for a chat

After you were done
I fell into tears
You hold me
And I let go of my fears

You comfort me
All the way
Even though I was lost
You were there to stay

It never occurred to me
That you felt real
Until I listen to your heart
Then I break my seal

You loved me
And I do not know why
But I thank God
And started to cry.


My Darkness

The sun has rise
The moon has set
What hurt me is lies
That a man thinks he can get

I felt alone
With all my fears
Nothing is so helpful
Than to see my tears

I want to run away from the pain
I want to hide
No matter what
I always want to step aside

I always put up barriers
So no one would try
To hurt me
Or cause me to cry

My life has been gone
My ways have been sealed
From all that is wondering
Nothing I ever do felt real.


My Chaos

Light and Dark
Protection and Wrath
Destruction and Peace
What is the Path

My world is in two
Evil and Good
What is it with me?
Am I threw?

Two of me
Fighting all the time
How does that happened?
By the sound of a chime?

No that is not
How it happened
Dark spirits consumed me
Making me felt hot

Someone saw me
Split into two
Can that person help
As my scent blew

I will wait and see
If the person will help
To find a way
And make peace with me.


My Dilemma

What will happened
If I go away
Would someone
Care for me
Or want me to stay

Rain and Thunder
Will come down hard
What will happened
If I am a puddle of lard

Will anyone want to know
What happened to me
To see a lifeless body
Or a bloody knee

Pain and Sorrow
I ended up have had
Through the pains
I hurts really bad

When my life has gone away
What will you do
Give up and be with me
Or won't care and stay.


Changes of life

One day you argue with me
The next day you are gone
What happened during the time
What went wrong with the crime

You called me lazy
No good person
Never finish anything
Just someone crazy

Many times I cried
I want to prove you wrong
Get my life together
And listen to your song

When I got my education
I graduate
I told you how I am going
To live my life
You saturate

When life went short
You left me
The time I spent
Was to be free

Free of your nagging
Free of pain
Then it hit me
When it started to rain

You told us
You were going to die
I felt horrible
All I did is cry

I did not ask for this
But it happened anyways
Every saint I see
Reminds me
When they pull you away.

In the Memory of my aunt who passed away.


The Mask

Going through life
What people don't see
What is really going on
Inside of me

Things are going down
I tried to hide
Inside of a Mask
So no one see inside

Once it is removed
People never seen
The truth of one person
Or how I am keen

When the day has gone
the sun has set
The mask stayed off
When I rest

A new day begun
I am off to see the world
I put my mask on
To hide the scars
Of darkness and pain
That makes me insane


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