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Chapter 1: Welcome Home Ashe!

Ashe sighed tiredly as she came home from a long, fruitless day of hunting in the ruins. She opened the door to her house and she saw that it was spotless, as usual. Ashe smiled at the sight of her own house.

“Aeolus, you must had your hands full while I was gone,” thought Ashe. She closed the front door as she walked down the hall to go to her eldest daughter’s room, Sapphire. Ashe was shocked to find a mess. Clothes were everywhere, plates of food that were sitting there who knows how long, and papers scattered around. Ashe could not believe her eyes as she knew that Aeolus would faint or get very upset upon seeing this mess.

“Sapphire… Why are you doing this all of a sudden? Don’t you know that your father will be upset? Are your habits worse than mine?” asked Ashe as she was alone in the house. Ashe started to clean Sapphires mess as she spent more than an hour cleaning. Also she took several bags of garbage out of the room and it was still not clean. It did not take long for her to fill the hamper with dirty, smelly clothes. Ashe did not know how long or how it was soiled that badly. She even took the plates and dishes to the kitchen to wash them. Once Sapphire’s room looked spotless, Ashe started to wash the dishes. Ashe was exhausted when she went to look at her youngest daughter’s room. The room was spotless and clean in every way. The scent of gardenia spread throughout the room as Ashe smiled as she saw the potpourri of dried gardenias that was making the room smelling nice.

“She likes to keep her room smelling nice. Smells sweet no matter what,” smirked Ashe as she went to her room. Ashe was exhausted when she went to look at her youngest daughter’s room and from work, placed them in the laundry hamper, and went to shower. Ashe wanted to have a warm, relaxing shower and clean up. Besides, Aeolus would get upset if she was not changed, cleaned and showered anyways.

“I’d better make it quick so I can have a quick nap,” said Ashe as she got a set of clean clothes and a towel. She went into the bathroom and took her shower. When she got out, she checked the time.

“Well Emerald should be out of school now. I’d better have dinner plans ready. So much for that nap,” grumbled Ashe as she looked at what she was going to cook. Ashe heard a car pull up and she watched her orange-suited youngest daughter, who resembled Aeolus with her green hair and blue-green eyes, run/bolt to her room and come out with a towel and clean set of clothes in hand. Emerald didn’t say anything to her mother and she sprinted directly to the bathroom. Ashe had a confused look on her face and did not understand what was going on until her eldest daughter came in. Sapphire smelled horrible. The stench hit Ashe like a hammer, and she did not think she could withstand it, but somehow she endured it. Sapphire noticed her mother.

“Hey mom, you came home,” said Sapphire. Ashe stepped back and looked at her with a disgusted look.

“Where were you today, the sewers?” asked Ashe disgusted. Sapphire sniffed herself as she looked at her mother confused.

“I smell fine,” replied Sapphire, apparently unaware of the stench that was on her. Ashe had a look of anger and disbelief. The stench was horrible! How could Sapphire not notice it?

“Get in the shower now! Get cleaned up first,” barked Ashe. Sapphire grunted as she headed to her room to get clean clothes. Emerald got out of the shower very quickly and headed back to her room. Ashe wondered what was going on. She stopped looking for recipes to make for dinner and she walked towards Emerald’s room. Ashe knocked on the door which startled Emerald.

“Emerald, are you ok?” asked Ashe concerned. Emerald peeked out the door and she saw her mother.

“Can you come in without the bickering or shouting?” asked Emerald. Ashe nodded as she doesn’t know what is going on. Emerald let her mother in her room as Ashe entered the room and sat down on Emerald’s bed.

“You and Dad wanted Sapphire and I to succeed correct?” questioned Emerald. Ashe found this question awkward since she had told her children follow their dreams and succeed. She nodded to her daughter.

“Recently Sapphire has become acquainted with a really foul guy. He is ill-mannered and absolutely disgusting. Father and I disprove of this pestilence. Please mom, exclude this insolent guy from the house!” said Emerald. Ashe was shocked to hear this.

“Wait a minute, she had a boyfriend. And didn’t introduce the fellow to me because….?” asked Ashe as Emerald sighed in relief. She thought her mother would yell.

“She will be upset poking my nose into her affairs,” said Emerald. Ashe grunted to show that she did not like something this happening without her permission.

“Thank you for telling me. I would like to meet him. Do not worry about it if it bothers you. I will keep my mouth shut and deal with it myself. You can say it is a secret,” stated Ashe. Emerald sighed.

“What secret?” asked Sapphire suddenly from behind them. Sapphire wondered what is going on.

“Something we both need to discuss. The horrid smell first of all. What did you do? Hide in the sewers or find the nearest landfill recycle mine?” questioned Ashe briskly.

“I went diving in a dumpster for a friend’s car keys,” lied Sapphire. They were not convinced. Ashe and Emerald could tell when Sapphire was lying, there was something in her expression that gave it away.

“Very well I would like to discuss this with your father when he gets home,” said Ashe. Sapphire gulped.

“Eh?! About dad, he isn’t in the best of moods lately,” Sapphire said quickly…too quickly, as though she was trying to cover something up. Ashe smirked a bit as Emerald can feel the tensions of her mother.

“I can tell with the mess you had in your room,” commented Ashe. Emerald stared at her mother in disbelief.

“YOU went into my ROOM!!!?” shrieked Sapphire. Emerald also smirked a bit as she waited for more to come.

“What your own mother cannot look at her children’s room? Now tell me with that mess you had, why wouldn’t your father would be a little upset. Especially when the rest of the rooms are spotless. We don’t have maids to clean up after us, so you have to be considerate with the rest of us,” reproached Ashe.


“Don’t use that tone with me. I would also understand more now why your dad is angry with you,” countered Ashe. Sapphire tried to find a way to win over her mother as she looked at her.

“YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING AND NEVER WILL!!! YOU’RE NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH,” roared Sapphire as she has tears coming down on her face. Ashe looked at Sapphire as she wants to know what is going on.

“Well you meddle in her business not me,” stated Emerald to Ashe. Ashe turned to Emerald and sighed.

“That is not the only thing I did around here. I have to look around to find out what has happened around the house. You forget that I am away on work like your father,” said Ashe.

“At least father comes home more often than you,” countered Emerald. Ashe gave a harsh look at her daughter.

“Ok what is this, my children are going against me. I did not cause an argument and someone has to bring it up,” snapped Ashe. Emerald sighed.

“My apologies, I am not being myself today,” apologized Emerald. Ashe sighed and turned to Emerald.

“Go and do your homework while I get dinner ready,” sighed Ashe as she left Emerald’s room and went back doing what she was doing before. Ashe looked for ideas on what to make. When she found one, she started to work on that dinner idea right away. After the food was done, Ashe set up the table. She was midways through getting everything ready when Aeolus came home. He sank into the couch completely exhausted. Ashe stopped what she was doing and walked up to the couch that Aeolus was sitting on.

“Why don’t you go ahead and rest,” said Ashe worried. Aeolus looked at Ashe with a half-smile.

“Matters not. They were small matters of paperwork and the insignificance of others,” scoffed Aeolus.

“I see however it doesn’t mean I can’t be worried about you,” replied Ashe. Aeolus sighed a bit.

“I have too many matters to attend,” explained Aeolus. Ashe turned to Aeolus as she looked at him.

“Besides work what else bothers you,” asked Ashe. Aeolus knew that Ashe would keep going until she got her answer.

“Sapphire. Hiding several things that probably were influenced by the insignificant person that she is going out with. He is ill-mannered, foul-smelling, and irresponsible being I have ever met. She started to act fool-” said Aeolus.

“Rebellious. Yeah, I’m seeing that as well. She’s started to act like me when I was a teen. Question is how much of me,” interrupted Ashe depressed.

“I know. We were foolish back then. Fools that does not comprehend one another only going forward with a meaningless goal,” answered Aeolus.

“Well now I heard about her boyfriend from Emerald. However, I still want to meet him regardless,” said Ashe.

“Humph, I already acquainted with him. I do not wish to go anywhere near him with his foulness,” replied Aeolus.

“I would still like to meet him. Though I will be cautious about it if that is you are asking,” said Ashe. Aeolus sighed as he tried to get up but every part of his body aches. He was so burnt out that every time he moved, his body would protest painfully, which made getting up impossible.

“I would rather you not to meet him at all,” answered Aeolus. He did not want Ashe to meet Sapphire’s boyfriend. Ashe turned Aeolus back towards her as she started to message him. Every stroke brought relief to the tired Megaman of Wind. He started to fall asleep.

“Sleep for a bit. My guardian angel,” whispered Ashe to Aeolus’ ear. Ashe settled Aeolus down as she returned to the kitchen continue preparations again. Model H floats towards Ashe sighing.

“Never have I seen the level of incompetence like that of his fellow workers,” sighed Model H. Ashe turned to the floating biometal.

“Ok Model H, tell me what is going on. I want to know what’s been happening,” demanded Ashe.

“I am your ears when you are absent. Revolution Inc. has joined with another company. Aeolus got demoted from his presidency to being vice-president. It was overwhelming for him as well as Legion HQ. They called him several times in an hour. He is exhausted from handling Megaman situations and his company,” said Model H.

“So Grey and I aren’t the only ones. Model A and the rest of us have been used for Legion as well. I guess they wanted to clean up Slither’s Inc mess. But why are they making us do it?,” mused Ashe, “I’m worried about Model A. We used him so much last time that his A-Trans system was beginning to lock down from exhaustion.”

“I am kind of feeling sorry for him. As much power he has, he still gets exhausted like the rest of us biometals. It is like getting used too much. I may not know what that is like but I can tell it is not a pleasant,” said Model H.

“It’s not only the biometals that get tired. Grey and I got tired as well. We tried to hold onto our bonds with Model A even though he was only giving us a few hours worth, and that was if we didn’t use A-trans. It overworked us the biomatches as well,” explain Ashe.

“So he is recuperating right now,” said Model H. Ashe nodded as she looked at Model H.

“You should be as well. We do ’t know when legion will call us again. I hope it isn’t anytime soon,” suggested Ashe. Model H hovered to Ashe’s hands and went offline. Ashe went back and finished setting the tables for her dinner.

End of Chapter


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Chapter 2: The Talk

Aeolus woke up to find dinner already on the table. He did not know how long he had been asleep. Emerald came out of her room, having just finished her homework. Aeolus looked around and to his displeasure, found that he had fallen asleep on the couch. Emerald went to the washroom to wash up. Model H was still with Ashe as it was hibernating.

“Are you feeling better?” asked Ashe to Aeolus. Aeolus cursed himself but looked at Ashe.

“You did not bother waking me?” questioned Aeolus as he did not like sleeping in the couch. Ashe smiled.

“I did ask if you want to go to the room to sleep, but you didn’t want to move so I let you sleep where you were,” said Ashe. Aeolus cursed himself silently.

“Besides, I didn’t want you to be so tired. You already have a plateful of problems and I should know from the way you look,” stated Ashe.

“Do not worry about my exhaustion. I will be fine. It is minor set back. Trifling over things like this is not new to me,” said Aeolus.

“But I don’t like it. It hurts me to see you like this. I know I just got back home from being on call all the time but it’s not right to see you like this either,” said Ashe. Aeolus sighed a bit.

“It goes for you as well. Almost expired in front of my eyes when you were unconscious, I required a way to get you out. Impeccable as your bravery is. Reckless and naïve you still reminded me,” stated Aeolus. Ashe looked down at him.

“Well now it’s your turn to relax,” said Ashe. Emerald came out of the washroom as she sat at the table. Sapphire got out of her room and was about to sit at the table when Ashe stopped her. Ashe motioned to Sapphire to go and get herself washed up before eating. Sapphire grunted and went to the washroom.

“I know. We acquired the restfulness and relaxation for now,” stated Aeolus as he felt better now than when he first walked in. When Sapphire got out of the washroom, Aeolus got up and went in. Ashe sighed. She knew that Aeolus was right. She was also tired but did not want to tell Aeolus that especially since he was more exhausted than she was. Aeolus got out and went to sit in his usual spot. As usual, Ashe served herself first and passed the food around. Everyone served themselves and the table was quiet while everyone ate.

“So Emerald how was your day in school?” asked Ashe as she broke the silence.

“Impeccable. I obtained excellent grades from my report card and entered the National Math Contest,” replied Emerald. Aeolus smiled as he felt proud of his daughter that is doing well and accomplished several things. Sapphire grunted a bit and gave a ‘you show off’ look to Emerald. Emerald ignored her sister’s looks as she continued eating. Ashe turned to Sapphire.

“So how was your day Sapphire?” asked Ashe. Sapphire still did not want to explain what happened and tried to cover up that she had a boyfriend.

“None of your business, you were never around so why bother asking,” said Sapphire coldly. Aeolus did not like the attitude Sapphire gave to Ashe. Ashe slammed her hand on the table which shocked Emerald and Aeolus at the same time. She stood up and looked at Sapphire. Sapphire still did not look at her mother.

“First of all, I’m your mother. Second of all, I actually work. I don’t play hiding games with a person. Especially, when I come home finding out that one of my daughters tries to hide her boyfriend without my notice,” snapped Ashe. Sapphire turned to Ashe angrily.

“Who told you Model H?” questioned Sapphire. Model H grunts as Aeolus looked at his biometal. The biometal heard that as he floats away from Ashe. It returned to its original owner for a bit.

“You keep him out of this. He isn’t the one who told me. And does it matters who told me? I would have found out at some point anyways,” countered Ashe.

“Well you can’t tell me who to date-” roared Sapphire. Model H and Aeolus just look to see when they could jump in.

“You’re right about that. But I have the right to meet him, as your mother. You can’t deny me that right,” said Ashe. Sapphire tried to counter that argument but she knew she couldn’t win.

“YOU CAN’T RUN MY LIFE FOREVER!!!” shouted Sapphire as she ran to her room crying. Ashe stood there frozen. When Sapphire slammed her door, Ashe sat down feeling a headache coming on. Emerald did not want to bother her parents, so she set her plates down, preparing to leave.

“May I be excused mother?” asked Emerald. Ashe looked at Emerald and nodded her. Emerald got up and left to go to her room. Ashe sighed as Aeolus looked at her.

“It seems that you have heard about this treacherous person,” said Aeolus. Ashe turned to Aeolus.

“I’m just worried. I go out to work for several days then come back home to find this mess. I feel like it’s partly my fault for causing all of this,” said Ashe. Aeolus looked at Ashe as he got up and walked to her at the other end of the table. Ashe was looking down until she felt Aeolus’ arms around her.

“It is never your fault. We both raised our children accordingly to what we were taught and raised to do,” comforted Aeolus. Ashe tried not to cry but a few tears came out.

“She has the strengths and the weaknesses of both you and Aeolus, which is what makes her unique,” said Model H as he tried to help. Model H was still floating near by.

“All we can do watch them grow. It is not required of us to like the partner they chose. However, I would feel more comfortable if that guy had some manners,” spoken Aeolus.

“I feel like that she is acting too much like me. I-” sobbed Ashe who was starting to cry. Aeolus put two fingers on her lips. Ashe stared at him, tears still flowing. He removed his fingers away from Ashe’s lips as he leaned over and kissed her. She returned the kiss. The two were in their world. When Aeolus broke the kiss, Ashe tears had stopped.

“It is fine if she has your personality. It what makes her unique like all of our children,” said Aeolus. Ashe hugged Aeolus. She did not want let him go. Emerald peaked out as she saw her mother and father hugging then went back closed her room.

“Mother,” whispered Emerald as she tried to hold back her tears. Ashe and Aeolus continued eating and having a conversation. When they finished, they look at the two plates that belongs to their children. Both parents sighed. Aeolus kissed Ashe in the cheek as he was about to walk to the washroom. Emerald came out as Ashe was washing the two plates.

“Emerald?” asked Ashe. Aeolus stopped and looked at his green haired daughter at the table. Model H floats back to Ashe for a bit.

“I did not want to meddle in any of your business,” stated Emerald as she continued eating. Aeolus looked at his green hair daughter again. Aeolus went to the washroom as Ashe continued washing the two plates. Emerald ate quietly. Aeolus had finished and was coming out of the washroom. He went to his room. When Emerald is done, Ashe turned to her daughter as she started to pick up her plate.

“I will take care of your plate Emerald. Why don’t you talk to your father?” asked Ashe. Emerald looked at her mother angrily as she hated the use of contractions in speech. Emerald walked to the washroom and got herself cleaned up. Ashe took Emerald’s plate and glass to get them ready to wash. Sapphire saw her plate on the table and was ready to take it to her room. Ashe stopped washing as she got to Sapphire and sat her down on the table.

“We both need to talk,” said Ashe. Sapphire looked at Ashe frustrated. Ashe still looked at Sapphire serious.

“I have nothing to say. You seemed to know everything somehow,” stated Sapphire coldly.

“Sorry I’m neither Legion nor Master Albert. I only heard about your boyfriend. I don’t know how or who he is. I just found out not so long ago that you have one. Besides, with the mess in your room and the change in attitude, I got a good workout just from cleaning your room alone,” said Ashe.

“Yeah but you don’t have to butt into my business. Besides you already have dad,” snapped Sapphire. Ashe sighed as she sat down next to Sapphire.

“Let me tell you something. Before I met your father, I gave a crummy attitude to my guardians. You’re lucky you to know your parents. I didn’t. What makes it harder? I was raised by hunters and I told clients off. I always ended up in some trouble. I started to work when I was 12-years-old,” reminiscing Ashe as Sapphire listened, “However, I did found out that my attitude reflects who I am. Regardless if I’m a ruin hunter collecting booties or a mercenary hunter that collected bounties, my attitude reflects who person I am.”

“Have you told off people from Legion?” asked Sapphire. Ashe laughed at that as she looked at Sapphire.

“Did I ever! When I found out who I really was and you’re Uncle Grey’s identity, I really gave them a hard time! That was also the time I met your Uncle Prometheus and Aunt Pandora. Legion was patient with me. I did give them more credit though,” replied Ashe.

“So how do you meet dad then?” asked Sapphire. Ashe sighed as she didn’t want to tell this story but she knew it would come. Model H was still around Ashe as he looked at Sapphire.

“Your parents were once enemies,” said Model H. Sapphire looked at her mom in shock.

“What? Then how the two of you actually come together?” questioned Sapphire who seemed too eager to know this story.

“Your father and I were on separate sides. You know the story of Model W that I kept telling you and Emerald?” asked Ashe.

“Yeah a whacked out biometal that causes Mavericks to break out and regenerate it,” said Sapphire.

“Well back then your father would collect Model W, while I was on a mission to find out what was causing the maverick outbreaks. Your father and I fought against each other occasionally. Even when we both were in Ouroboros, those times I tried to warn him and the others who weren’t listening to Grey and I. Vent and Aile came to our rescue as they wanted to settle the situation. However, in the process Model Z was lost with the Ouroboros. Grey and I fell out cold after we fought Master Albert when we both found out the truth. He was my ancestor and Grey’s creator. When Ouroboros was down, Grey and I were looking for Prometheus and Pandora since for a while after Ouroboros cleared out. We both realized that where Ouroboros crashed, was where we last saw Prometheus and Pandora. However, Grey and I were doing two missions. One was to find Prometheus and Pandora and the other was to find Model Z. We found out that Prometheus and Pandora left before Ouroboros crashes down from the footsteps tracking. We also suspected that they had teleported away. Where I still don’t know how they manage to escape and I won’t bother them about it. However, with our luck we thought we found Model Z. I tried to reach Vent and Aile but the communicators were too far. I teleported to an area where I know I could easily reach them. From there your father and I had met there. All I had was my gun. Your father had Model H at that time. We fought until the ground collapse on us and your father lost Model H in the process. It was in that cave we started to see each other as we are now,” recollecting Ashe.

“Wow. So I take it dad found Model H,” said Sapphire. Model H sighed as he looked at Sapphire.

“Your mother found me actually, she gave me to your father to save them both,” added Model H.

“It was within that cave when we were being attacked by mechanaloids and mavericks alike. And a pseudoroid name Blaze. When we left the cave, we tried to keep our relationship a secret,” sighed Ashe.

“As time went on, neither both of you cared who knows about your relationship. The two of you got married and started raising your family,” added Model H.

“I see. So it’s not like love at first sight. And I thought my boyfriend and I were worse,” said Sapphire.

“May I ask how you both meet?” asked Ashe. Sapphire sighed as she looked at her plate of food.

“Jan and I have met in high school. We had a class together and there was this project we had to do. I never found out how he managed to relate our project into machines. He’s an excellent mechanic. The time I went to his house as a meeting he was covered in grease and oil like his dad. He tried to trick his dad saying I was his girlfriend and hugged me. I pushed him off at that time. We ended up doing more and more projects together in that class. He changed when his father died. I volunteered my time to help with his father’s shop as we both worked full time. Then the new law for mechanics came and closed the business. Another money grubbing mechanic took Jan’s fathers shop and basically kicked Jan out onto the streets,” said Sapphire.

“What about his mother? Does she help him out at all?” asked Ashe. Sapphire sighed as she looked at her mom.

“No she wouldn’t. Jan hardly spoke of her and I don’t want to bring it up,” said Sapphire, “Jan has been living at the school ever since. Well, that is if the police does not catch him at the school grounds at night. One of the teachers found a homeless shelter that he can go to for remainder of the school year. However, he is optimistic about stuff which in some way I can’t understand. Sure the homelessness side of him didn’t bring out the best but it kept reminded him that he is still alive. And he reminded me that there are several things I can do as Sapphire.”

“I see. I would like to meet him. I do care about you and want to keep your relationship going while you still want it. However, you have to respect others around you. Not all of them will be as patient as Legion. Those around you still have to deal with you. Just keep that in mind ok,” mentioned Ashe.

“Ok mom,” said Sapphire as she continue to eat her plate full of food. Ashe stood up and continued washing the dishes. When Sapphire finished her meal, Ashe took her plate and start washing it.

“I will do the dishes. You go wash up ok,” announced Ashe. Sapphire went to the washroom as Emerald was just leaving Aeolus room and heading back to her room. Ashe finished washing the dishes as Model H float near her.

“It seems this fellow isn’t troublesome after all,” said Model H. Ashe sighed as she looked at Model H.

“I would’ve been in his situation. If it wasn’t for the hunters who rescued me and let me live with them, I would be a homeless person after my village had been raided,” sighed Ashe.

“I see. You were fortunate then,” said Model H. Ashe nodded to Model H as she gave out a small sigh.

“Though I got to thank you for helping me out,” thanked Ashe. Model H looked at Ashe. She was smiling.

“You are welcome,” said Model H. Ashe went to the washroom as Model H floats away to Aeolus room. She finished washing up and she did not even bother to check the rest of the house before going to her room to sleep.

End of Chapter


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Chapter 3: The Information

Ashe got up and looked at the time. She was shocked how late it was. She knew that Aeolus was working at the moment and her two daughters were going to get out in few hours, so Ashe tried to clean the house as best as she could.

“Great! I overslept so much. Now if this is Aeolus’ idea of payback I’m going to get him for this,” grumbled Ashe. By the time she put one set of laundry in the wash, Ashe had to get the rest of the laundry done. She kept her laundry pile separated as she got all of her laundry done and cleaned the house within 30 minutes left to pick up her two daughters. Ashe got out of the door and head towards her car.

“Please don’t start any problems,” thought Ashe as the car started and Ashe took off quickly reaching the speed limit of her car and passed people by. She managed to get to the high school and she parked at the visitors parking. Ashe got out of her car and waited for her daughters to leave the school. She was waiting more for Sapphire so she could talk to her. Emerald was walking and saw someone who she thought was Sapphire and walked towards her.

“Hey where’d you think you’re going?” asked a guy with brown eyes, dark brown hair, tan skin, in brown color clothing. A guy with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and light color skin with gray clothing had followed the tan guy.

“Oh what’s this? Little Emerald is by her little lonesome self,” sneered the other guy. Emerald looked at the two male bullies with pure loathing. She hated them and their way of talking among other things. A female girl with purple eyes, brown hair, and chocolate color skin that wore magenta clothing walked up to the two boys.

“With your incomprehensible language you both need a lesson in proper speech,” spat Emerald.

“Oh now we’re going to learn proper speaking from her. That is rich,” guffawed the female. Ashe walked up to the three in a sour mood.

“Haven’t your parents taught you not to pick on people?” asked Ashe. The bullies turned to Ashe with evil intentions clearly written on their faces.

“Did you come to save your sister Sapphire? Sorry we’re still busy with her. Why don’t you go with your smelly boyfriend? He probably wants to give more of his love to you,” laughed the female. Ashe did not take being insulted like this kindly.

“That’s nice of you to think that I look like my own child. Well now you know where she got her looks. Now you either leave Emerald alone or I’ll be having a talk with your parents and arrange a meeting with you and the principal,” threatened Ashe.

“She’s bluffing. She probably won’t even lay a finger on us,” scoffed the tan guy. Ashe lunged at one as they started attacking her. Ashe ducked to avoid the first swing and pinned the one attacking her. The other one who tried to save his friend was also easily knocked down by Ashe and pinned down. The female took off running.

“Shit she isn’t lying?! Crud how can one person do this?!” shrieked the tan bully as the other one looked at his comrade.

“Either Sapphire learned to fight or this is Emerald’s and Sapphire’s mom,” said the other one.

“Mother?” asked Emerald, surprised. Ashe turned slightly towards Emerald while keeping an eye on the two boys to make sure they don’t escape.

“It is alright Emerald. I think they will not mess with you anymore today. However, I am worried about you getting picked on,” assured Ashe.

“Ow, can we go now?” whined one of the bullies as Ashe let them go and the two took off running.

“Fine,” said Emerald. Ashe smiled as the two were about to head to her vehicle as Ashe got stopped.

“Miss Sapphire, this is the third warning you’ve got on parking on the visitors section,” said a woman looking at Ashe. Ashe looked at the person who is a woman in her late 30’s with brown bun up hair, bespectacled red eyes, wearing a gypsy skirt with a ruffle blouse and a few necklaces.

“Mrs. Lynn not you too,” grumbled Ashe. Lynn walked up to Ashe and gave her a look while she pulled out a notepad of some sort.

“I’ll need to talk with your parents and tell them that Visitors parking is for visitors, not students. The student parking is over the other side. I thought we’ve gone over this already. Now let me see your driver’s license. I need to record this fine,” said Mrs. Lynn. Ashe took out her driver’s license. When Mrs. Lynn looked at the driver’s license and looked at Ashe. Her expression changed to that of utter embarrassment.

“Mrs. Ashe, I’m sorry. It’s rare for you to show up,” apologized Mrs. Lynn. Ashe looked at Mrs. Lynn with a smile.

“It’s ok we all make mistakes. I take it that Sapphire has caused some trouble at school,” began Ashe. Lynn could not hold back her laughter as she looked at Ashe.

“She’s a feisty one. Though I cannot say her grades are anywhere average. She’s a good student,” said Lynn.

“Ok, I just wanted to know. Oh hey, do you know anything about this Jan person?” asked Ashe. Mrs. Lynn looked at Ashe confused.

“He’s a good student. There’ve been some incidents where he’s been reported for bad hygiene. He and Sapphire have some kind of special relationship. It’s in my class that they’re doing projects together,” said Mrs. Lynn, “His mother is trying to keep him homeless by sending legal issues to the school.”

“What? That’s something I haven’t heard,” said Ashe. Lynn looked at Ashe like she was about to say more.

“Yeah, his mother tried to take her son away, and then abandoned him. She’s a politician of some sort. She was the one who pushed this new law for mechanics. Although I’m the one who found a homeless shelter for him, his mother had been trying to keep him away from school,” continued Lynn. Ashe looked down and now knew why Jan did not like to talk about his mother.

“I see well now thank you for your time. And sorry for the extra work you did,” said Ashe. Lynn smiled as she looked at Ashe.

“Don’t worry about it. I know where Sapphire got her looks. You and your daughter could be mistaken for identical twins. However, I can see a bit of Mr. Aeolus on her too,” said Lynn. Ashe smiled as she headed back to her car. Shin and Flare saw Ashe walking with Emerald as the two started to race for the car.

“Come on, Flare we’ll get scolded by mom if we missed our ride again,” said Shin as he was running the fastest. By the time Emerald got on the front passenger side of the car, Shin got on from the back as Flare got on the opposite side of the back. The two were breathing heavily.

“I’m surprised to see you two in my car,” stated Ashe. Shin and Flare caught their breaths as they looked at Ashe.

“Sorry Aunt Ashe, we thought you were Sapphire and followed you,” announced Shin. Ashe rolled her eyes as this was her third encounter that someone thought she was Sapphire.

“Ok question. Why is Sapphire taking you home? I thought Siren was doing that,” asked Ashe. Shin sighed.

“Mom had made an agreement with Sapphire to take us to Guardian HQ on Wednesdays and Fridays when dad goes to the psychiatrist on Wednesdays and when mom is doing double shift and dad works a bit late on Fridays,” said Flare. Ashe has a surprised look on hearing of the Friday schedule.

“Yeah after dad tried to kill Siren’s boyfriend he’s got a shrink,” reported Shin. Ashe grunted a bit.

“When doesn’t your father,” grumbled Ashe. Ashe knew the psychiatrist meeting since she was one of the callers.

“This is the funny part. Dad is scared of her. I never seen dad tried to hide from anyone,” said Shin laughing. Ashe imagined what it was like in the office. She could not help but laughing at the thought of Prometheus hiding under a table.

“Ok you two. There’s a choice. Either my place or Guardian Base,” offered Ashe. The two looked at Ashe.

“YOUR PLACE,” shouted the two in unison. Emerald sat quietly. Ashe smiled as she turned the keys.

“Ok that settles it,” said Ashe as she started to take off out of the visitors parking and head on home.

“Hey Emerald, did Jen and her gang mess with you?” asked Shin. Emerald ignored him as she did not want to answer.

“Drake, Jen, and Ralph like to go against a person that’s alone,” said Flare, “Hey I have an idea. Instead of trying to wait for Sapphire, why don’t you spend a little of your time watching me kick boxing. Those idiots won’t try to mess with me.” Emerald went on completely ignoring Flare.

“Does either of you two know Jan?” asked Ashe. Flare and Shin looked at each other then Shin looked at Ashe.

“Oh Jan the Stink bomb. He either comes to school reeking or farting around. Especially in lunch time, he goes off with the farts. If he has a cold or have the sniffles, he’d wipe his nose with his hand and then offer a hand shake. Or blow his nose in an empty container,” replied Shin.

“Shin, don’t you ever shut up. I seen Jen and her gang ran away from him because he sniffled on their food by accident. I don’t want to hear anymore gross stories of him,” snapped Flare.

“Great! So this is what Aeolus was warning me about,” thought Ashe as she continued driving. Emerald sighed still silent. Shin looked at Ashe puzzled.

“Why do you asked?” questioned Shin. Ashe did not want to give her answer to Shin as she knew it would bring something up.

“Sapphire is going out with Jan,” spoke Emerald suddenly. Shin and Flare looked at the people in front in shock.

“Uncle Aeolus would have the worst fit if he doesn’t faint first. I know stories from mom that she messed his room on purpose to see his reaction. But having to meet Jan, Uncle Aeolus is going to have a fit,” said Shin.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” scoffed Flare. Emerald turned back to Flare with a dead serious face.

“It’s true. She is dating him. Aeolus already met him. Now it’s my turn,” voiced Ashe. Shin looked at Ashe.

“Sorry to say it but you will need Air fresheners and lots of them while you’re near him. If he’s in your car well you don’t need to worry about thieves their mask will be blown away by the stench,” exaggerated Shin.

“The pestilence does not have that huge miasma. However, how irresponsible he is with his own health. He is not taking any consideration for others,” stated Emerald.

“Well if he doesn’t have that huge miasma, he still has a horrible smell about him and to others,” said Shin.

“No more, I don’t want to hear about it,” groaned Flare. Ashe sighed as she got parked her car in her home. She took off the keys as everyone got out of the car.

“We’re here,” announced Ashe. Shin and Flare got out. Emerald did as well. The three walked behind Ashe. Ashe opened the door as she still remembered that she had to make dinner for everyone. Shin and Flare looked at the house in awe as it was spotless clean. Shin whistles at the house.

“This place is completely clean and neat. No wonder mom would move stuff around. This place proves how neat things are,” stated Shin.

“A complete neat freak that’s for sure,” agreed Flare. Emerald didn’t do anything but head towards her room and get ready for her shower.

“Well would you like anything to drink? Shin, Flare?” asked Ashe. Flare was feeling a bit thirsty.

“I would like to have some water please,” said Flare. Shin looked at his sister as he looked at Ashe.

“Eh? I would like to have some water too,” stated Shin. Ashe nodded as the two saw Emerald took off to the bathroom.

“If you both want, you can start on your homework while you wait,” said Ashe. Flare smiled a bit.

“That works. Shin tends to procrastinate but loved to mess with my work. So I can get it done and watch him suffer when he gets home,” voiced Flare.

“I’m not a procrastinator. I’ll prove it by doing it here and right now,” said Shin as the two started their homework. Ashe smiled as she was getting ready for dinner.

End of Chapter


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Chapter 4: The Meeting

Grey came around to the house making his entrance known or his presence felt by anyone, and left behind Model A. He wanted to do the rest of his search without using Model A. Model A sighed as it floated really depressed when he saw another biometal floating by. Model A followed it. He stopped when he heard Ashe and Aeolus talking.

“Are you certain you want to meet this ill-mannered person?” asked Aeolus. Ashe did not say anything to Aeolus as she got some stuff together and sighed.

“I want to. I need to know what kind of person Sapphire has for a boyfriend. Maybe she saw something in him behind the bad manners and found something in him. If I can find that out, then I know that Sapphire won’t be acting with this new attitude she’s been giving us. Maybe we can find a common ground and hopefully, we can talk to him,” replied Ashe.

“The stench is strong enough to stick your clothing,” warned Aeolus. Ashe turned to Aeolus. She remembered that for two days Sapphire came home with foul-smelling clothing.

“I can survive it. I have been in worse situations and worse smelling areas. What is worse my curiosity or the stench of this fellow? I tend to follow my curiosity,” stated Ashe. Aeolus looked at Ashe.

“You never cease to amaze me. Still naïve,” growled Aeolus. He knew that changing Ashe’s mind is not going to be easy.

“If it’s as bad as what most people say, with the exception of Shin who tends to exaggerate everything, then I would object to it. Should that be the case, what I will have to say will be worse than what Prometheus said to Vent on his wedding day,” answered Ashe. Aeolus remembered that day as well.

“Hey Prometheus, why don’t you say something to the lovely couple?” asked Thetis who was holding the camera with the microphone on Prometheus.

“First of all, I probably shouldn’t be here. Sis, Congratulations! You pick someone special. I know you’ll do well and have that freedom you always wanted. Vent, take care of my sister or I’ll hunt you down. I don’t care what biometal you have in your possession. I’ll find you and kill you in the most horrible fashion worse that I’m capable of. And that’s not a threat it’s a promise,” said Prometheus. Thetis backed off from Prometheus as he took his camera away and went to the next person.

“Ok I’m going to the living room. You don’t have to leave here if you don’t want to,” said Ashe snapping Aeolus out of his reverie.

“That is fine,” sighed Aeolus depressed. Ashe turned around and walked up to Aeolus with a smirk.

“How about we have some alone time after this? I know you miss that,” said Ashe seductively. Aeolus does not know whether take her up on that offer or not.

“I will think about it,” stated Aeolus. Ashe smiled and kissed Aeolus on the cheek. Aeolus stood there as he still does not know about Ashe’s offer. Model A heard Ashe leaving as he float somewhere away from her. Model A did not pay attention and hit itself on a bar.

“Ouch! I really need to watch where I’m floating,” said Model A. Ashe grunted a bit as she looked at the biometal.

“When did Grey drop you off?” asked Ashe. Model A looked at his female biomatch and sighed.

“About 5 minutes ago. He didn’t want to tell you since he is staying within town to look for the person,” replied Model A.

“Well I’m about to meet someone. Can you stay somewhere so Sapphire doesn’t hear you? I know that her partner can’t but she can,” requested Ashe.

“So I’m hiding within you while Model H is floating around,” said Model A. Ashe turned to Model A.

“Remind me to find Grey in town to give him a pummel,” grumbled Ashe as she hated it when Grey came in unannounced. Suddenly, Ashe smelled something horrible. It started to spread as Ashe tried not to think about it, but knew that Sapphire must have brought the guy in. The teen was wearing some mud colored clothing. Ashe could not tell whether that was actually mud or that was actually the color of his clothing. From the little trails it left, she figured it was mud. His maroon hair was messy. His blue eyes stood out, and his skin, or whatever’s left of it, was of light complexion.

“Jan this is my mom Ashe. Ashe this is Jan,” introduced Sapphire nervously. Ashe did not expect that the muddy person was Sapphires boyfriend.

“Nice to meet you,” said Ashe as she forced smile. Jan went over and hugged her. Ashe tried to ignore the stench with thoughts of her days with Model A in the Bio-Lab. Model A felt an odor going to him as he felt like retching. Thankfully for him, he does not eat or he would be floating to the nearest sink and puke there. Jan passed gas and let Ashe go with a sniffle.

“Sorry. I have a cold. I just got sick the other day,” apologized Jan. Ashe felt like she would be sick too but did not say anything.

“Jan, please try not to be over excited,” requested Sapphire. Ashe looked at Jan and wanted to know what Jan wants to do.

“So what are you planning to do after you graduate from school?” asked Ashe. Sapphire looked at Ashe.

“Well I want to be a mechanic like my old man before he passed away. The new law stated that I’ve got to take Mechanic school which I never heard of. On top of that, I’ve got to go through three types of training. The easiest way to get around that law is to have a mechanic teaching you and gave his number out. I am planning using my dad’s even though his number will expire in two years. I know every trick to machines and how to fix them. I’ll someday open up a shop and start working for anyone,” said Jan.

“Ok that’s good. At least you have a plan. Though how are you going to open a shop. You have to rent out or buy most places, and that usually costs money,” pointed out Ashe.

“That part is simple. After high school, I go to work. I know there are places that would accept me. I won’t mind finding something I can do in the meantime. I just don’t want to be late with the two year expiration. I hope it would be only for a year. Maybe less if I had some help,” replied Jan.

“Well, I can help you out under certain conditions. If you really desperate for the help,” offered Ashe.

“Hey that is fine as long as I got some help I won’t mind,” said Jan. Ashe looked at Jan. He seemed very optimistic.

“Well let’s see if you can handle my strict rules. I probably will make sure you at least have showered at least like normal people. Maybe not like this family but normal people. Second of all, you should have clean clothing. I rather see the actual color than mud. Then we can improve on your manners and social grace. That part can be helped. If he can do this, I can help him, and at the same, help Sapphire achieve whatever goal she has in mind. Maybe having her helping Jan out would do,” thought Ashe as she smiled.

“What is the conditions mom?” asked Sapphire. Ashe turned to her daughter as she did not want to say it. Then she heard something leaking and a stench intensified.

“Excuse me for a moment,” gasped Ashe as she could not bare the smell any longer. Ashe saw her floor got urine all over on and felt her stomach turning. She could not withstand the smell and ran towards the bathroom where Model A was getting out. Model A watched Ashe puking just as Model H came out as well.

“Whoa! Ashe, are you ok?” asked Model A, becoming worried. Ashe did not need to answer- it was written on her face.

“I take it that foul-smelling guy is here,” stated Model H scornfully. Model A looked at Model H then at Ashe.

“Yeah… You could say that. I don’t know what was worse, him before or him now. I don’t know how to describe it but it was reeking horrible. I’m kind of confused since I’m a biometal and I can smell that,” said Model A.

“Model A can smell. What happened to biometals doesn’t smell,” taunted Ashe as her stomach finished having things coming out.

“Apparently, he can use his biomatches senses just like the rest of us. I take it that this is his first time tapping into you for your senses Ashe,” said Model H.

“WHAT I CAN DO THAT?!” shouted Model A in shock. Ashe felt her head pounding. Ashe could not respond properly.

“I am correct. This is your first time you did tapped into your biomatch,” stated Model H. Model A looked at Model H.

“So you tell me that I can tapped into Ashe’s senses like you can with Aeolus?” asked Model A.

“Exactly, I have done it before. At that time it was with Model X help. The rest used Model X biomatch to tapped into their senses. Once we can do that we figured out that with our own we could do it as well,” explained Model H to Model A.

“And Master Albert did not even told me. He should have that stored on my data so I would know,” pouted Model A.

“It is something not even the person who created the rest of us knew. It is something not even I can explain. However, I do suggest that with that knowledge you can use it in a situation we may not able to help but can tap into them,” said Model H.

“I think some of the pseudoroids have some stench on them to indicate where they’re at,” remarked Model A.

“Well battle can be used but also be cautious when you do tapping. The other Megamen can hear you even other biometals,” warned Model H.

“Yeah I got that. Well I would like to tap it again once we got to the bio-lab again. I really want to know how that reeks,” spouted Model A with excitement.

“It’s like after Jan peed on the floor, but less intense,” said Ashe. Model A looked at her as she finally got up looking a bit better.

“So no bio-lab for me,” whined Model A. Ashe looked at Model A as she had a bit of a smirk.

“You can bug Grey to take you. Not me. That is the beauty for having two biomatches,” replied Ashe.

“Hey you’re right I can bug Grey. I’ll too when he finds that Oeilette girl. I’ll bug him to take me to the bio-lab,” said Model A.

“Ok well you can stay here with Model H while I go attend the guest. You both can continue with your talk, Model A,” said Ashe.

“OK! I’ll stay here. Besides I think I need to ask Model H some more about the sensing things,” chirped Model A.

“Ok I’ll be back for both of you,” said Ashe as she left to see where she left off with talking with Jan. Ashe was about to get the mop but Sapphire already start cleaning the mess. Jan, however, wasn’t around anymore. Sapphire looked pissed.

“Sapphire where is Jan?” asked Ashe. Sapphire looked at Ashe unhappily and sighed.

“He went back to the homeless shelter. He felt embarrassed that he did that. Also he told me that I should be glad that you invited him over,” sighed Sapphire.

“Well I’m glad that I get to meet him. He seems a nice guy. I just hope he’ll go with the conditions I set up for him. Especially if he wants to work after high school,” stated Ashe.

“If this means he has to stay in the homeless shelter then you can forget it. I don’t want him there,” said Sapphire.

“No, it’s nothing like that. He can find a nice apartment once he started working. My conditions aren’t that hard. I just want him to be somewhat professional when he got there. I’m not asking him to work within a company. Just fair enough for him to get on his own two feet,” outlined Ashe.

“You’re really going to help him?” asked Sapphire. Ashe nodded at Sapphire as she looked at her.

“You know I did say chase your dream. Go for what you want to do within that dream. His dream is a mechanic. I know you haven’t thought about it too well but I know you’ll find what you want to do in career wise,” stated Ashe.

“You’re right. And I want to see him happy and work on the machines. I don’t want to see him fall behind. I may go to college and get a feel what I wanted to do and see what jobs are open for me when I’m done,” said Sapphire.

“See at least you’re planning ahead. That’s what I like to hear. Now you do what you need to do and soon I’ll tell Jan my conditions. I know he can probably meet them. If he really needs that help,” encouraged Ashe. Sapphire smiled. Ashe could not help but smiling.

“Well I promise your father that I would spend the rest of the time with him so I better get ready for that,” said Ashe.

“Ok I’ll finish cleaning up here and talk to Jan tomorrow. We can finish our conversation that we left off,” finished Sapphire. Ashe nodded as she left to her room and tried to end the day on a good note.

End of Chapter


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